What is the difference between an Associate and an Accredited Member?

There are two primary classes of membership. A student of a recognized curriculum in accounting or a related field is eligible for Associate Member status. A graduate of such a program who has completed the requisite practical work  and administrative experience may be accepted as an Accredited Member of the Guild. Associate membership is also open to those who possess the basics of bookkeeping and general accounting skills, and are presently engaged in work of an accounting nature. On the other hand, Accredited membership is open to more experienced accountants with previous formal training and extensive practical and administrative experience. Accredited members may also use the designation I.C.I.A. after their name.

What positions do members hold?

This is usually determined by education and experience. Some Associate members are bookkeepers and accounting clerks whereas Accredited members generally hold positions such as Accountant/Office Manager, Cost Accountant, Comptroller, Treasurer, Internal Auditor, Budget Analyst, Financial Accountant and officer of a corporation. Many of our members are self-employed.

How is membership status determined?

Applications are assessed by the Accrediting Committee and the level of membership is determined based on education, work experience with particular emphasis on accounting, and position(s) held, time in positions, etc.

Fee Structure

A one-time application processing fee of $20.00 + $2.60 HST is required with the application.

Current Annual Fees are - Accredited Members $150.00 + $19.50 HST
                                     - Associate Members $75.00 + $9.75 HST

Summary and instructions for applying for membership

In the increasing education conscious business environment of today, it is important to constantly upgrade your qualifications. Joining the Guild will assist in enhancing your career and forming new relationships in business.

Please complete the Application for Membership and forward with the required $22.60 (Incl. HST) fee to:

Accreditation Committee

Telephone: 905-264-2713

Guild of I.C.I.A

Fax: 905-264-1043

36 Tandian Court

E-Mail: iciaguild@aol.com

Woodbridge, ON L4L 8Z9

Website: www.guildoficia.ca